December 17, 2017

Dear Partners in the Mission,

I have been thinking of crisis.  Do we have a crisis in the Church?  One definition of  crisis is an unstable or crucial time.  Maybe, maybe not.  Certainly we have had many times of crisis in the history of our Lord’s Church.  I believe it was Bishop Barron who said at the crucifixion the Church was down to about four people. Is this an unstable or crucial time in the Church? We have many who have left or do not practice our Catholic faith, and many non-Catholic brothers and sisters have left their churches as well. There are also many individuals becoming Catholic, many of whom were protestant ministers.  Those who have become Catholic, especially the ministers, have done so after much reading, research, praying, thinking and struggling.  Many have left because they have not done the above.  As Catholics we know Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church upon and through the apostles.  Do we have evidence of this, is this rational?  The answer to both is yes.

Fr. Spitzer basically said we have great answers to the questions of the day, but those who ask them are not getting them.  Many of our younger Catholics in high schools, on college campuses, and in our culture are getting easy, incorrect and incomplete answers to their questions.  Why do we exist?   Does science disprove the existence of God?  Can you rationally conclude that God exists? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Is Jesus God, did he say he was? Do we believe the Eucharist is really the body and blood of Jesus Christ?  Did Jesus establish a kingdom? Are all churches the same?   There are good answers to all the above questions.   Many of us probably didn’t ask these when we were in our younger years, but now we need to learn the answers. We are called to engage these questions with our family and friends.  There are good answers to all the above, and there are several places to find them. Let’s help them find them.

Clint Mohs