Our Lady Catholic

Key Attributes of Education at Our Lady


+ Rooted in Faith

Our Lady School is a Catholic community, enriched by faith and tradition that joins students from Our Lady Church and Sacred Heart Parish, and welcomes children of all faiths.

  • Catholic in mission and appearance
  • Faith development for all grades
  • Eucharist-centered with strong sacramental programs
  • Daily shared prayer for students and staff
  • Lived Gospel values in Catholic tradition

+ Nurtured with Family

Parents and educators work together to provide students with opportunities for intellectual, physical, and moral development.

  • Parent/Parishioner School Board
  • Parent Booster Club
  • Mentoring for new families
  • Student/Parish CYC sports
  • Student/Parish Scouting organizations
  • Parent/Teacher conferences and weekly communication
  • Parenting programs

+ Strengthened by Knowledge

A dedicated and competent faculty develops the school’s curriculum to address the differentiated learning needs of the students.

  • Phonics and Literature-Based Reading
  • Leveled Math and Algebra
  • Broad range of Social Studies
  • Combined text and laboratory Science
  • Fine Arts program of art, music, and band
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Integrated Computer program
  • Available speech therapy, counseling, and reading resource

+ Enriched through Care

Parents, educators, and students collaborate to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment that enhances learning.

  • Virtue Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) Program where students learn to live out the virtues through actions
  • Character and moral development programs
  • Optimal student-to-teacher ratios
  • Student Council and other student leadership opportunities
  • Monthly virtue awards assemblies honoring student achievement
  • Exterior doors and inner school security system with video cameras
  • Intercom system for classrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas
  • Interconnected phone system throughout the school
  • All school volunteers required to fulfill the “Safe Environment Program”

+ Growing in Community

The Our Lady School community strives to empower students with Gospel values and the educational competence necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

  • “Buddy” Programs connect younger and older students
  • Variety of parent and parish volunteers from the neighborhood
  • Support between the Our Lady School and Parish Schools of Religion at Church of Our Lady and Sacred Heart Parish
  • Utilization of on-site YMCA for after school care
  • Frequent communications through newsletters, grade news notes, website, parish bulletins, and e-mail
  • Student participation in speech, math, art, and writing contests
  • Student community service projects at every grade level