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+ Parent Handbook

+ Parent Portal

+ Catholic Youth Sports

The CYC program offers youth recreational sports programs for those 6-18 years of age. Our Lady fields CYC teams in Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf and Volleyball. The program is based on an “everyone plays and sports is fun” concept.

Children may sign up for the following sports at the age indicated below:

Soccer – 1st grade

Basketball – 3rd grade

Volleyball – 3rd grade

Golf – 2nd grade

Lacrosse – 5th grade

+ Parent Booster Club

The mission of the Our Lady Catholic School Parent Booster Club (PBC) is to support our pastor, administration, and faculty in the education and spiritual development of our students by raising funds to support student enrichment and growth in achieving academic excellence. All parents/guardians of children enrolled in Our Lady Catholic School are members and play a valuable role in our mission and our success. We are guided by the following principles:

  • To plan fundraisers that mindfully and purposefully support Our Lady Catholic School and its mission
  • To encourage a sense of ownership and involvement in our school
  • To foster comradery and fellowship among all families
  • To promote service to others

Our Lady Parent Booster Club Officers

Diana Parker - President

Dennis & Kelly Uding - Vice Presidents

Caitlin Holdman - Secretary

Katie Harman - Treasurer

+ Uniforms

Uniforms are required for all students in K-8. Full uniform attire is to be worn every day of school unless otherwise announced. If it is necessary for a student to be out of uniform, a note written and signed by the parent explaining the reason must be submitted to the principal.

JUST ME APPAREL is the uniform store in which you can purchase uniforms for Our Lady Catholic School students. The plaid must be purchased from JUST ME APPAREL, but other items may be purchased from other uniform suppliers as long as they conform to the uniform standards described in this policy. If a student is found to be in violation of the uniform policy, parents will be notified via a mark on their virtue card and/or a note home to the parents, and the students will be sent downstairs to change into the appropriate uniform. If the student cannot find a uniform that fits them, parents may be called to bring different clothes.

Students will be given dress down days and uniform passes throughout the year. Students must be in uniform for All School Masses and field trips (unless noted differently on the permission slip).

Uniform guidelines by grade and gender can be found here.

+ School Board

Our Lady School Board serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor by formulating and evaluating policies for the school. It consists of nine elected members, the pastor, and the principal. The School Board functions in accordance with Archdiocesan policies. The Board functions officially only through its monthly meetings. Interested parents and parishioners may address the Board in an open session if they notify the Pastor, School Board President, or principal in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting. Members of the school or parish may attend School Board meetings, but may not speak unless they are scheduled on the agenda. The School Board President or pastor may designate meetings or part of meetings as closed sessions. Dates of the School Board meetings are recorded on the monthly school calendars. School Board minutes are available to interested parents in the school office.

Our Lady Catholic School Board 2019-20

President – Gretchen Kohler

Vice President – Niki Vogelsang

Secretary – Julie Lucas

Jenny Held

Haley Fisher

Tiffany Mehler

Dr. Ed Verzola