Our Lady Catholic



Sacraments are fundamental experiences of God’s love, which shape the community of believers even as they are being celebrated in the ritual actions of worship. The sacramental life of the Catholic Church distinguishes it from the many other Church denominations. An understanding of the sacraments of the Church is basic, then, to our very identity as Catholics.

+ Baptism

In preparation for baptism of infants and children, we require that the parents be registered and active member of the Parish Family. Both parents must participate in a Baptism preparation class.

When choosing godparents, remember that you are to choose Catholics who are actively practicing their faith. Godparents must be at least 16 years of age, one male and one female, or you may choose to have only one godparent. A non-Catholic Christian who is actively practicing their faith may be a Christian witness to the Baptism along with a Catholic godparent. To register for Baptism class, please contact the rectory.

+ First Communion & Reconciliation

Preparation for these sacraments are obtained through our full time school or Parish School of Religion or through adult education. Preparation takes place at the second grade level. Prior to second grade, he/she must have completed some formal religious education (Catholic School, PSR, or Archdiocesan approved Home Schooled Religious Ed) for at least one year prior to the 2nd grade or the year in which the sacrament is received. The Catholic parents and all students will continue participation in the Church and attendance in their various religious education classes after the reception of the sacrament.

+ Confirmation

Preparation classes for Confirmation are offered for students during their eighth grade year at Our Lady School and PSR. Students must have had uninterrupted religious education for all the school years prior to Confirmation preparation. Preparation for the sacrament must be obtained through active participation in one of our parish programs.

+ Marriage

To begin preparation for the sacrament, one of the parties requesting to be married at Our Lady must be a registered member of our Parish Family for at least two months. If neither is a member, you must obtain a letter from the pastor of your parish stating that you are an active member of that parish and have permission to be married at Our Lady. The couple begins sacramental preparation at least six months prior to the desired wedding date. Please contact the rectory for more information.

+ Annointing of the Sick

This sacrament offers strength and healing of body, mind and spirit. If there is a need for this sacrament, please call the rectory.

+ Holy Orders

If you are interested in the priesthood or the diaconate, we encourage you to discuss this with our parish priest.

+ Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

This program is for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic through Baptism or by Profession of Faith if they are already a baptized Christian.

During this time, they are nourished by the Word of God. They share their faith journey with each other, their parish sponsor, the RCIA team and catechists, and they learn of important doctrines and traditions of the Catholic Church. Those interested or anyone knowing someone who might be interested is encouraged to call the rectory.